Original medicinal preparations from the flavonoid containing plants of Georgian flora


E. Kemertelidze ე. ქემერტელიძე; M. Alania მ. ალანია; K. Shalashvili ქ. შალაშვილი; T. Sagareishvili თ. საღარეიშვილი; N. Kavtaradze ნ. ქავთარაძე


The book presents the findings of authors' own research in the direction of elaboration original medicinal preparations from the plants that are spread in Georgia and allowed for  medical purposes. In particular, it is discussed:

  • Hypoazotemic remedy “Flaroninum” based on individual flavonoid glycoside robinin isolated from the leaves and flowers of Astragalus falcatus;
  • Hepatoprotective and choleretic remedy "Tsarubol" that contains the sum of lipophilic phenols from fruits of Paliurus spina christi;
  • Antiviral ointment "Rodopes" against diseases caused Herpes simplex virus based on the sum of flavonoids of Rhododendron ungernii;
  • Nootropic, psychostimulatory, atherosclerosis prophylactic remedy “Ginkgo-bathi” from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba, growing in Georgia.
  • “Saturin” for prophylaxis and treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2 from the plant Satureja hortensis

It is shown the possibility of using of natural medicine with antiuremic action obtained from the leaves of Pueraria hirsuta Matsum. in medical practice. Biologically active flavonoids from Trifolium species and “cones” of Alnus barbata C. A. Mey. are described. The book is intended for the specialists working on studying biologically active compounds of vegetable origin.


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